This tutorial will teach you how to add properties in Nifskope.

Adding a Property:

1. Right click the node or model you want to add the property to.

2. Click Node > Attach Property.

3. Select the property you want to add.

Types of Properties and their effects:

1. NiAlphaProperty

Addes Transparency to the model. Needs to be configured, can fix various issues, such as black animal in the adoption box, or being invisible underwater.

2. NiStencilProperty

Addes Shinyness to the model. Works nice for marine animals or metal.

3. NiStencilProperty

Makes planes appear from both sides. Useful for alpha planes like hair and such.

Configuring a NiAlphaProperty:

Configuration of the NiAlphaProperty

This is an example for animals NiAlphaProperties.

1. Select the NiAlphaProperty.

2. Switch to the Block Details, click the Flags icon.

3. Configure the Property as shown in the picture.

4. Click Accept.

Note: Objects may need other settings than animals.

Also, water usually keeps the standard property, that means you don't have to configure the property.

If you are not sure how to set your property correctly, look for an original property with the effect you want to archive.